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HCD Surveys

Now I have not personally used this site but I now people that have.

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Hello and thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Victoria.

I 've been a stay-at-home mom for the last 20 years and I intend on showing you everything I know about saving money. Raising six children has never been easy and never will be but I have learned to be frugal and make smart decisions with my money that have help my family save tons. I've done everything from recycling, to how to earn money from home and where to find legit companies that pay people to work from home. This site can even show you how to use coupons to get items for free or almost free.

If you are someone that could use some extra money, would like to know about more ways to invest your money and money saving tips, then you've visited the right site. I make updates weekly and if you have any information that you think would be helpful on this site, I will post your ideas on this site. Please feel free to share my site with people but keep in mind that the all of my content is copyrighted. Keep your eyes open for more money saving ideas and daily job post.

Freebie of The Week


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QuikTrip Corporation


Coupon of the Week!

Save 2.00 on any 2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergeant

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Free Book Offer

 Become an exclusive member of this site and receive my ebook "Totally "Free Stuff" absolutely free. (Tell your friends) Become a member by clicking on the members tab above and signing up to become a member.

This is a resource you must have! I have researched and compiled this book from links I found online. I browse through the web everyday to find sites that I believe are reputable sites that are user friendly and do not offer scams!!!

There are so many things a person can receive free online that you wouldn't imagine. Free meals, groceries, money, legal and medical advice, clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, college courses, tutorials, books, jewelry, electronics, samples, wigs, wrapping paper, greeting cards, coupons, websites, directories, promotions, ink pens, printable legal forms, and so much more than this, I could go on and on.


Find Out What Celebs Use Coupons

Some feel that just because a person has money that it is considered cheap to find deals and coupon but there are Hollywood stars that don't seem to care how people feel. My take on this - I personally feel that a penny saved is a penny earned! Should we waste money just because we have it or assume that we will always have it? I enjoy the ideas of helping others learn how to save money. If I can get items free or almost free, I can even help donate those items I don't use to charity. 

Take a Look at Celebs That Coupon!

Sarah Gellar former actress that played Buffy the Vampire Slayer stated 

that she uses coupons for everything. She ask the question

 why should she pay more when she doesn't have to.

Tim Hasselbeck - ESPN analyst & former

 NFL quarterback is a coupon guy!

Kourtney & Kim Kardashian seem to have a new hoppy - coupling!


Frugal Celebs

I'm not so sure if these celebs use coupons but they sure are frugal.

Holly Berry does not take her money for granite. 

She is very frugal and saves every penny. 

Indiana Pacers Center Roy Hibbert admits that he looks for freebies.

Today's Ibotta Deals

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Here is a great company that will pay you to take surveys from home.

Here is a legitimate company that will send you checks for taking surveys at home. If you are interested do not be discouraged if they tell you that the surveys you have taken are not the right ones for you because unlike some survey companies they will still pay you for taking those surveys.


I am excited to share this free App that I just downloaded on my smart device. Some of you may have already heard about Ibotta. This App has been around for some time now. For those who haven't, take advantage. The App will actually pay cash or offer other rewards like Starbucks gift cards, & more! Shop from a long list of some of your favorite stores and redeem. Shop from stores like Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and a lot more! For more details visit the blog here:

Logo Sportswear Company - Employment Opportunities 
   (posted 8/7/2013)

 Top three Work From Home Jobs  posted  3/31/2013


Work From Home Doing Odd Jobs From Micro Workers (posted 3/24/2013)


  Work From Home Opportunity posted on 3/18/2013

To learn how to earn money on Etsy at click on links above)

If you are someone that enjoys making things with your hands this is a good place to start a business from your home.

 Home Depot Careers(posted 3/15/2013)

(create an account and apply)


New Work-At-Home Opportunity (posted 3/8/2013)

Are you someone that is a little crafty or maybe an easy learner? There are opportunities for you to assemble products from the comfort of your home. There are thousands of companies that rely on outside sources like you to mass produce products for resale. If you are someone that is out of work and would like to explore opportunities that you can do from home. Click on the link below.


New Work From Home Opportunity (posted 3/8/2013)


If you are a blogger or someone that enjoys writing Sponsored Reviews will pay you to write product reviews.  You must have a blog and they will review your blog post to see if you qualify for a position with them. If they do not accept your blog they will let you know what you can do to make your blog better. Click on the link below if you are interested.

How to start a coupon clipping service on Ebay 


I would like to share with you how I started a coupon clipping service on Ebay two years ago. First of all you must go to and open up a free Ebay account. Coupons are generally sold in tens, fifteens, or twenties. For example you may want to sell ten dog food coupons for 2.00. The first thing you would need to do to list your coupons on auction style is to take a picture of your coupons. Then to list your coupons you must type a description of your coupons. Make sure you include the amount of coupons you will be selling, all of the details on the coupon especially expiration dates.

Then list a starting bid amount for your coupons. The starting bid amounts for coupons on Ebay is usually .99 cents. Your coupons will be listed for seven days with an option to relist the coupons if they don't sell at no cost. You don't owe Ebay a penny unless your coupons sell. If they do sell you will owe Ebay a listing and final value fee. Therefore it is important to make sure you charge enough money to make a profit and to be able to pay those fees. Your bank account will be linked to your Ebay account. This is safe if you are wondering. At first I did not like the thought of them having access to my account but I have had no problems. My money if transferred directly into my account. Keep in mind paypal will be handling your money transactions and they will take a small fee of your money also. That's the name of the game so make sure you charge a shipping fee for your coupons and you get a profit. You will need to set up a paypal account at 

There you have it. It is pretty simple. Ebay has a wonderful support system and if you have any questions they are available to you. I make money from the comfort of my home on Ebay and so can you!



3/13/2013               Sundown Supplements

Another great deal I received today was four B-complex supplements for about 2.50 when one usually cost 4.00. How did I do it? Publix has a coupon in the store paper for 5.00 off when you purchase two and the Sunday paper had a manufacturer's coupon in it for 2.00 off on one. So I used two coupons for two bottles of supplements and made two purchases. Remember manufacturer's coupons and store coupons can be used together. (two great deals in one)

If you want to know how I get free groceries from stores-go to links and take a look at a Hub article I wrote.



 (free cook book) (click on this link)




Learn how you can cut your bills in half or more by making smart decisions and using coupons! Some things are absolutely free.


Coupons 101: This is a beginning coupon and budgeting lesson. Extreme coupon lessons for advanced learners is available for people that have taken the beginning class. Ask me how you can receive online classes from me or how you can receive one on one classes with just me and you. Group classes are also available within certain city limits.



Find Out How You Can Earn Money Writing For Bubblews Here.



Kids Eat FREE!* *Two FREE kids meals with every one adult entree on the link to receive free appetizers for your children


 Go to: and register to receive 20% off on your next  purchase

Tip of the day:  When you see things on sale are buy in bulk.



Another great tip:(stop wasting your money!)


Tip of the day:
This is something I woke up one day and said no more to. We all have saved up some change at one time or another. In some cases allowed the machine at the grocery to count our money. Well I came to the conclusion that to allow a machine to count my money was a waste of money. This is my alternative. I get coin wrappers free from the bank, wrap and count my own money and whenever I do need to go to the bank I slowly deposit a few of the coins at a time alone with my regular deposit. I have also heard that some banks will count your coins free. The next time I go to the bank I will try it.

 Visit the news letter to see more articles on how to save, make smart choices, and how to receive freebies.



This was my deal of the day.

Some time ago the Sunday paper had mentos gum save 1.00 on the purchase of two mentos gums. Well I held on to the coupons because I feel that gum is just to high. Most of the time I come out better by buying a multipack. I don't throw away coupons because I feel something is not a good deal. I hold on to them because if you watch the sales in stores almost everything goes on sale. Finally Walgreens has any mentos gum on sale for .99 cents. They have a store coupon available for 1.00 off on the purchase of 2. I have manufacturers coupons for 1.00 on the purchase of 2. (final cost 0) I received the gum absolutely free. Three ways to save. (The store sale) Store and manufacturer coupons can be combined. The store coupons are available in the store. Whop! Whoop!



Another great I just received today:

 If you are someone that has been holding on to those Clairol hair color coupons like me you are now being blessed because CVS has marked down select Clairol hair colors to 2.37 at the lowest. Please don't look for any at the CVS in my neighborhood because I bought them all! lol Most of them I bought for 1.00 and two of them for even less than that. There are so many great deals out here you just have to keep an open eye. Also check your nearest Publix store because I found some at the same price at Publix in my area and bought them all.


Ask me how you can purchase 100 pre cut grocery coupons-non expired and save. If you would like to become a part of a coupon swap group let me know. ($2.00 plus 1.00 shipping)

email: sheffieldvictoria(




My coupon tip of the day!

My coupon tip of the day: When items are on sale for buy one get one free. Only purchase one item and leave the free item in the store plus use a coupon. The product is potentially free or almost free!

Example: Yesterday - I bought "I can't believe it's not butter" from Publix which was buy one get one free. I only purchased one which brought the price to one half the cost because I left the free item in the store. Then with the added coupon, I paid .50 cents for the butter.

(another great tip)

Make sure you know each stores coupon policies. If you don't know where to locate each stores policies simply ask a cashier or someone at customer service. The Publix store in my area keeps copies in the front of the store for customers to take home with them.

Maybe you shop at Kroger but you don't like the idea of clipping coupons. Enter coupons electronically on your Kroger card.

 In spite of rumors that Kroger no longer double coupons, I called the Kroger store in my neighborhood to see how true this was and this is so not true for Ga. stores however Kroger has announced that they will discontinue doubling coupons at all 118 Kroger stores Midwest region (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) beginning March 1, 2013.

*Get double coupons at:

Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, and Ingles Everyday* 

Fred's only on Saturdays

(only coupons .50 and under double)

(.70 cents and under double at Freds)

(Ask each grocery store if they accept competitors coupons)

(some stores will accept print ad prices from other stores)


 Print Publix Coupons From This Site! 


If you really want to learn much more than this site can show you on how to save tons of money you must order my book Smart Mom's Coupon!. 


 Are you tired of trying to make ends meet? My Ebook teaches you how to save money on groceries, clothes, household items, dining out, hotels, and you name it.

Learn How to cut your bills in half or more. I am a mother of six and I can show you how I purchase items in my local grocery stores free or almost free.

I was always one that used coupons a little, but now I am a coupon diva. Sometimes even I am amazed. After reading this book which is an e-booklet you will learn how to make money couponing, get free stuff, and save your household tons of money. If the information I send you is not true I will refund you your money.


Getting Started-clipping coupons
Different Types of Coupons-the difference in coupons
Where to Find Coupons-free coupons
Organizing Coupons-using coupon binders/holders
Coupon Match-up-comparing coupons with store ads
Stock Piling-stocking your food pantry
Freebies in Your Mailbox-free samples in your mailbox
How To Make Money Couponing-receive overages
Starting a Coupon Swap Group-couponing does not have to stop at home
Rain Checks-receiving deals after the sale is over

(The last page is a couponing dictionary of terms)


(The book is available in print copy and as an electronic book. A print copy is 10.00 plus 5.00 shipping and handling.  You can order a print copy from this site in the web store and an electronic book from the link below the image.

(on sale on Amazon for only .99 cents)


How do I get free pantiliners or almost free? I got coupons from the Sunday paper for 1.00 off. Most stores carry the smallest pack of carefree lines for about a 1.19 or .99 cents. If you don't have a coupon go to this link:

Check out What's New!


Many people try very hard to find these jobs but seem to land scam after scam. I've made the work from home job search easy. I've listed many companies that hire people from home to do various jobs. I give the links to where people can go to their websites and start applying today.

This is a great resource for anyone that is a stay-at-home mom or a person that just seeks to work inside the home. The book is now live on Amazon and can be purchased right here for only $5.00 for the electronic copy and $15.00 for the print copy. Looking for work is a thing of the past. The book is clear and easy to understand and list an A to Z directory of legit companies right here online that hire.

These are not just any old jobs. I did my research and handpicked some of the top employees within the online community. It took me a while but I did it. If you are a person interested in a copy for yourself or someone else that is in need of work or extra part-time income, what are you waiting for? A small investment will be well worth it here!

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5--------------------------Paid Gigs

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14------------------------Get Paid to Write

16------------------------Mystery Shopping

17------------------------Survey Companies

20------------------------Get Paid to do Task

23------------------------Sell Your Used Books

24------------------------Get Paid to Post Links

25------------------------Sell Your Used Clothes

25------------------------Get Paid to Review Music

26------------------------Create a Free Store Online

27------------------------Work from Home Websites

29------------------------Work from Home Directory

Pages 29 thru 50 is the A to Z Directory of Legit

Companies that pay people to work from Home.

                                   Total pages 50

 I am adding to the book daily!

                     Purchase through paypal here:

          Print copies can be purchased on this link.

Go to to enter digital coupons on your Kroger card. Today I loaded 50 coupons on my card. Then print the list to take to the store with you. This is great for people that don't like to clip coupons.

(another great place to find coupons online:)

You must check out this link!

  (Real ways to earn online!)

Join the revolution and get a free meal at IHOP here!


Find some of the hottest Deals in your area:

Sign up today for the best deals in your city!


visit this site:

Baskin Robins Birthday Club

Your child will get free ice cream on his or her birthday.  




Cards are always free @


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